Is data center transformation real? Despite traditional networking suppliers countering the forces of transformation, there are seven concrete principles that confirm data center network transformation is well underway. Each of these principles is based on innovations by Cloud Giants that are being adopted by mainstream enterprise and service provider organizations.

In this 7-part series with Big Switch Networks’ Chief Product Officer, Prashant Gandhi, we identify clear principles of cloud innovations in networking that apply to mainstream IT organizations.  Data center operators have been overwhelmed with network complexity during the last 20 years, and hence our principle 4 focuses on network automation. Because traditional data center networks operate on a box-by-box basis, many networking tasks need to be performed with great care by skilled personnel using manual CLI interface, hence causing a lot of delays in a traditional setting. Also, the fact that the network is the lifeline of applications, it’s critical to avoid a network outage that would impact a large set of applications. These factors led to the network being the slowest path in data centers — a roadblock to data center innovation and digital transformation.