Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) for AWS addresses the growing need for enterprise IT to manage and control logical networking in AWS. BCF enables IT organizations to discover, visualize, and troubleshoot VPCs configured in AWS. BCF offers an easy-to-deploy, cost-effective management approach for enterprise networking teams whose responsibilities extend beyond their own infrastructures into AWS. Designed with Cloud-First principles, BCF enables common operational workflows across AWS and on-prem applications, thus simplifying hybrid cloud networking.

The following are the key capabilities offered by BCF for AWS:
  • BCF discovers all of the VPCs and workloads within an AWS user account. Through this discovery, network admins can see how each VPC has been configured.
  • BCF provides visibility and inventory across various AWS constructs including VPCs, route tables, EC2 instances, security ACLs, security groups and gateways.
  • BCF offers VPC configuration capabilities that are consistent with the on-prem solution.
  • BCF offers multiple built-in tools to simplify troubleshooting AWS networking such as VPC connectivity checks.
  • BCF Analytics provides rich set of dashboards and visualization workflows with integrated AWS Flow Logs intelligence. Dashboard filtering capability allows granular, flow-level troubleshooting.
To access the free version of BCF for AWS click here.