This demo highlights the Big Cloud Fabric integration with VMware Cloud Foundation.

Big Cloud Fabric is powered by an SDN controller, to build a leaf spine fabric using open networking switches. Unlike box by box networks, big cloud fabric provides a single pane of glass, and integrates with various VMware SDDC products, to operate the entire fabric as a single logical switch.

Big Cloud Fabric differs from traditional networking fabrics because it leverages public cloud networking principles, which use AWS's Virtual Private Cloud construct to offer logical isolation across multiple tenants. Similarly, the Big Cloud Fabric controller provides Enterprise VPCs (E-VPCs) in the fabric, for each VMware deployment, allowing logical isolation, multi-tenancy, and self service APIs ,thus providing a public cloud-style experience for on-prem deployments.

VMware Cloud Foundation Benefits:
  • Provides an automated way of deploying vSphere, vSAN and NSX thereby automating virtualized infrastructure deployment
  • Provides a single pane of glass to add additional resources
  • Automates the lifecycle management of the entire SDDC stack
  • VMware Cloud Foundation speeds up the Virtual Infrastructure deployment

Big Cloud Fabric benefits:
  • Automates the entire physical network bring up process in a zero touch manner thus reducing the bring up time to hours instead of days or weeks
  • No manual configuration is required when adding hosts to the network, thus simplifying the provisioning
  • EVPC automation makes it easy to add additional workload domains without any manual configuration on the network
  • BCF speeds up the physical network deployment. BCF perfectly complements VMware Cloud Foundation to increase the operational efficiency and speed up service enablement