In this video, we will see how the Big Cloud Fabric-Enterprise Cloud (BCF-EC) controller integrates with the vSphere deployments by creating an Enterprise VPC (eVPC) with the fabric. This integration simplifies network provisioning through fabric automation and provides real-time visibility to the network admin for various workloads.

Key Benefits:

  • With Host automation, any new host connected anywhere in the fabric gets auto detected. No need to manually configure the switch and interface where the host connects to.
  • With VLAN configuration automation, anytime a VM gets attached to a portgroup, the corresponding VLAN gets auto configured in the fabric. Additionally, VLANs get automatically trunked on the appropriate interface allowing instantaneous connectivity
  • Right from the BCF GUI, admins can not only see the physical network but also see how vCenter  networking is set up thus providing end-to-end visibility
  • Fabric trace allow admins to trace the end-to-end path of the packet with a single click and no box-by-box hopping
  • BCF Fabric analytics collects all events from vCenter and NSX and populates them on pre-configured dashboards making it easy to correlate the events with changes in physical network thus providing an end-to-end picture