Watch this video to learn how Big Cloud Fabric can integrate with a VxRail cluster and create an enterprise Virtual Private Cloud (eVPC) in the fabric. The solution greatly simplifies network provisioning through fabric automation and provides real-time visibility to the network admins into virtualized workloads.

Big Cloud Fabric provides an infrastructure eVPC for VxRail that simplifies VxRail cluster bootstraping and expansion. By auto detecting the VxRail nodes, Big Cloud Fabric provides the flexibility of connecting VxRail nodes anywhere in the fabric

As port groups are created and VMs are provisioned in vCenter, Fabric Automation auto provisions the logical networks on Big Cloud Fabric, thus simplifying network provisioning. Network policy migration automatically provisions or prunes VLANs from Big Cloud Fabric interfaces as VMs VMotion to different hosts.

Big Cloud Fabric also provides real time visibility and analytics for VxRail hosts and workload VMs along with end-to-end troubleshooting capabilities using Big Cloud Fabric test path