You really want to deploy SDN fabrics to take advantage of operational simplification, automated provisioning and fabric-wide telemetry.  But can SDN fabrics be inserted in existing brownfield data center and interoperate with traditional box-by-box networks?  How do you migrate existing virtualized and bare-metal applications to SDN fabrics in a hitless manner?  Watch the webinar recording to discover a step-by-step guide on deploying Big Cloud Fabric in brownfield data centers and rapidly migrating existing applications.  In this webinar, we discussed BIG POINT #1: How to rapidly deploy SDN cloud fabric in brownfield data center; BIG POINT #2: What are the steps to migrate bare-metal and virtualized applications to an SDN cloud fabric; BIG POINT #3: How to ensure interoperability with storage and L4-7 (FW, ADC) services; and we DEMOED our seamless application migration from traditional box-by-box network to SDN cloud fabric.
Moderated by Big Switch’s Judy Ash, Head of Corporate Marketing, the Big Switch panelists included Jai Prakash Shukla, Director Product Management; Ganapathi Bhat, Principal Technical Marketing Engineer; and Shawn Mall, Sr. Solutions Engineer.