Modern cyber-attacks are complex and massive in scale as they are increasingly leveraging compromised IoT devices to generate DDoS flooding. A large SaaS organization was looking for the next-generation cyber-defense solution to solve this problem. Defense from such sophisticated threats requires intelligent monitoring for DDoS attacks and real-time mitigation once detected. Big Switch Networks and Radware have partnered to deliver to this customer a programmatic SDN-driven joint solution that leverages Big Monitoring Fabric and Radware DefensePro for dynamic protection from high-bandwidth DDoS attacks. 

In this webinar, we cover:

  • Big Question #1:  What are the key customer requirements driving the need for programmatic DDoS protection?
  • Big Question #2: How does Radware DefensePro enable advanced DDoS protection and prevention?
  • Big Question #3:  How is Big Mon’s API-first architecture leveraged to dynamically steer traffic for DDoS mitigation?
  • Demo: Big Mon + Radware DefensePro Programmatic DDoS joint solution