“When we set out to build our private cloud business, we outlined three customer-focused tenets to abide by one, the foundation must be secure,” said David Robinson, CTO, STT Connect. Two, it must be managed in an automated way.  And three, of course, it needed to be high performing today and tomorrow."

Guided by these principles, David and his team made a strategic decision to embrace open solutions, and to have everything software-defined. Sharing the business and technology vision that launched a new web-scale cloud offering for enterprise customers and reseller partners, he discusses the infrastructure requirements and benefits; the challenges of working with network engineers who hesitated in accepting a software-defined vision; and the best practices learned during the testing and implementation phases of their project. David explains why a web-scale cloud solution with software-defined networking enables STT Connect to offer a solution that is scalable and repeatable across their data centers.

In the webinar, we discussed the following:

  • Big Question #1:  How do you build a new web-based solution quickly and effectively?
  • Big Question #2:  How do you establish a secure, automated, and high-performance environment that can be implemented globally?
  • Big Question #3:  How do you comply with strict standards for security availability and transparency defined by their markets?

The session was moderated by Judy Ash, Head of Corporate Marketing and Luke Turner, Director Systems Engineering, APAC at Big Switch and featured David Robinson, CTO, STT Connect and Salman Zahid, Director Systems Engineering, US West at Big Switch.