Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 10:00am

Network operators are tasked with maintaining the availability and performance of network infrastructure, ensuring applications and services can be rapidly rolled out and scaled on demand. Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) is a next-generation switching fabric with a single pane of glass designed to simplify and accelerate everyday management tasks.


This webinar series takes you on a deep dive of the BCF controller’s graphical UI, which provides unparalleled network and fabric data processing and visualization. The series starts with a general overview of the interface, and subsequently cover network/switching fabric visibility, as well as troubleshooting workflows. Attendees learn about the unique visualizations and tools that can enable them to rapidly deploy, operate, scale and troubleshoot their networks.

This series features special guest, Cedric Hobbs, the designer and developer behind Big Cloud Fabric’s much lauded graphical UI. In Session 3, he will continue the discussion on intent-driven operations for day-zero switch deployment, including network/switching fabric visibility.  He will demo the BCF Fabric Operations page, which provides port-level maps of the fabric.

If you missed either of the first two sessions, you can view them on demand:

Cedric Hobbs
GUI Architect
Big Switch Networks
Angelique Medina
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Big Switch Networks