Advanced Network Telemetry with Big Tap Monitoring Fabric

June 24, 2015

Looking to extract intelligence and analytics out of your network infrastructure in minutes? Listen to the discussion and demo with Big Switch team. In this recorded webinar, the presenter will discuss and then demo some of the in-built and advanced visibility and telemetry features of Big Tap Monitoring Fabric -- Automated Trackers (Workloads, Network Segments, DHCP/DNS/IPAM controls), On-Demand Packet Capture and sFlow Offload. 

Topics he shared included:

  • Centralized Visibility: Experience the difference between a box-by-box vs. SDN-based approach to pervasive network visibility.
  • Automated Tracking: Access relevant network information at your fingertips without extensive setup overhead.
  • Simplified Troubleshooting: Experience ease of day-to-day troubleshooting tasks with modern controller-based visibility fabrics.
  • Demo: Automated Trackers, Packet Capture and sFlow Offload features of Big Tap Monitoring Fabric
Praful Bhaidasna
Product Management
Big Switch Networks
Mostafa Mansour
Technical Marketing
Big Switch Networks
Sharyn Fitzpatrick
Big Switch Networks