[APAC Webinar] Our Next BIG Announcement - Redefining Hybrid Cloud with Cloud-First Networking Portfolio

July 19, 2018

Think about how Enterprise IT has tasted the sweet simplicity of Public Cloud - rapid SLA's, Agility, Flexible Scalability - and expectations for On-Prem Private Cloud operations have fundamentally shifted.  In this webinar, Big Switch Networks, the Cloud-First Networking company, introduces Cloud-First Networking (CFN) portfolio, a completely re-imagined networking experience.

The CFN portfolio addresses hybrid cloud networking design challenges, by bringing the best of public cloud networking on-premises, in contrast to hardware-centric vendors’ approaches that start with adapting legacy on-premises products for use in public clouds. The company is the first to launch key cloud networking features on-prem, with a portfolio that builds from there with corresponding in-cloud products and culminates in a multi-cloud management system.

CFN brings virtual private cloud (VPC) -- a simplified logical network construct in public clouds (such as AWS, VPC, Azure vNet or Google Cloud Platform VPC -- to hybrid clouds with a single console for managing hybrid cloud networks. Cloud-First Networking offers enterprise VPCs and centralized management for consistency, simplicity, and agility across Hybrid cloud environments.

Douglas Murray
Big Switch Networks
Kyle Forster
Big Switch Networks
Gregg Holzrichter
Big Switch Networks