Big Cloud Fabric 2.5 Enhancements

January 09, 2015

In this webinar, we featured many of the key enhancements to the Big Cloud Fabric product 2.5 release. New features include expanded support for new use cases, topologies, orchestration systems, and hardware platforms and advanced Fabric Analytics.  

With the central repository analytics, you will see an easy, fine-grain log of events based on 

  • Time-series window
  • Event state (e.g. failures)
  • Configuration change (REST, CLI or GUI)
  • Tenant / Segment
  • End-point (MAC or IP) attachment & detachment
  • Devices

You will also see Switch CPU / memory stats; tenant traffic stats, trend analysis and time-base log correlation.  A demo of the Fabric Analytics was also shown.



JP Shukla
Product Management
Big Switch Networks
Ganapathi Bhat
Technical Marketing
Big Switch Networks
Sunit Chauhan
Head of Product Marketing
Big Switch Networks