Big Cloud Fabric 3.5 Deep Dive

March 09, 2016

Watch this recorded webinar with the Big Switch Networks product team as they discuss and demo the latest Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) technology advancements. The latest release of Big Cloud Fabric delivers expanded networking capabilities for VMware and OpenStack private clouds.  Additionally, BCF now supports multiple, isolated vPods, where each vPod can be associated with a different vSphere or OpenStack orchestration! 

 In this webinar, they discussed:

  • Latest Enhancements: What’s new with Big Cloud Fabric 3.5?
  • Demo: VMware on BCF - Enhanced visibility and automation with vCenter 6.0 GUI Plugin
  • Demo: Virtual Pods – Deploy multiple OpenStack and/or VMware instances on single physical infrastructure
  • How to Get Started – BSN Labs, Starter Kits and, Introducing New Community Edition
JP Shukla
Director, Product Management
Big Switch Netwoks
Ganapathi Bhat
Technical Marketing
Big Switch Networks
Arkadiy Shapiro
Technical Marketing
Big Switch Networks
Sharyn Fitzpatrick
Big Switch Networks