Big Cloud Fabric /Citrix CloudPlatform Integration

April 22, 2015

Building production-grade clouds with Citrix CloudPlatform and open networking-enabled SDN fabrics.In this webinar we discussed how we can leverage the CloudStack orchestration and Big Switch’s Big Cloud Fabric to build production-grade clouds with SDN-based architecture and open networking switch hardware.

 We answered the following questions:

  • What are the emerging requirements on data center network infrastructure to efficiently manage cloud-hosted applications?
  • How does Citrix CloudPlatform enable reliable, application-centric cloud orchestration and workload provisioning for cloud deployments?
  • What integration does the joint solution provide for CloudStack orchestration with Big Cloud Fabric to achieve configuration automation?
  • How can customers achieve operational simplicity, workload agility and elasticity at much lower cost points using the joint solution when compared to traditional box-by-box solutions?

We also showed a live product demo of the CloudStack-based orchestration with Big Cloud Fabric. 

Palanivel Rajan
Product Manager
Aditya Tandon
Product Manager
Bala Ramachandran
Product Management
Big Switch Networks
Ganapathi Bhat
Technical Marketing
Big Switch Networks
Sharyn Fitzpatrick
Big Switch Networks