Big Switch Networks & SDX Central Present: The State of SDN Adoption and Data Center Network Monitoring & Security

October 06, 2016

Software-defined networking enables cloud and network engineers and administrators to respond quickly to changing business requirements via a centralized control console. SDN encompasses multiple kinds of network technologies designed to make the network more flexible and agile to support the virtualized server and storage infrastructure of the modern software-defined data center. SDN deployments are accelerating at a rapid pace as end-users realize the significant and on-going benefits of this emerging architecture, including scalability, cost-effectiveness, agility, and ease-of-use.

This recorded webinar cuts through the noise of software-defined, and highlight real-world SDN use cases currently deployed, including a breakdown of enterprise versus service provider deployments, current SDN adoption and a review of the most popular SDN solutions available currently. This webinar examines the top features people are seeking out when reviewing SDN solutions, and the panelists will look ahead to discuss trends for the next 12 months, such as clouds, containers, OpenStack and more.

Additionally, this webinar highlights Big Switch’s next-gen NPB solution, Big Monitoring Fabric, for data center network monitoring. Big Monitoring Fabric is an ideal alternative to legacy NPB solutions and offers cost-savings of up to 50%. Use cases include monitoring every rack, mobile/LTE monitoring, and remote DC monitoring & DMZ/Extranet inline security, driven by today’s demanding cybersecurity needs. 

The presenters are Gregg Holzrichter, Chief Marketing Officer, Big Switch Networks and Scott Raynovich, VP of research at SDx Central, who open the presentation with a brief overview of key findings of the upcoming SDN Controller and NV Report webinar.

Gregg Holzrichter
Chief Marketing Officer
Big Switch Networks
Scott Raynovich
Vice President of Research
SDx Central