Big Tap Monitoring Fabric: Deeper Packet Matching

January 16, 2015

In this webinar, Big Switch product team discusses the Deeper Packet Matching capability of Big Tap Monitoring Fabric.  Big Tap enables HW-based deeper packet matching capability to recognize application protocols and their attributes.  With ability to match up to 128 bytes of each packet at line rate, Big Tap allows more sophisticated monitoring policies to be written that can match on inner header fields for encapsulated packets such as MPLS, VXLAN and GRE and/or mobile 4G/LTE protocols such as GTP and SCTP.

Product Demo: Deeper Packet Matching (DPM) functionality of Big Tap Monitoring Fabric.

Praful Bhaidasna
Product Management
Big Switch Networks
Mostafa Mansour
Technical Marketing
Big Switch Networks
Sunit Chauhan
Big Switch Networks