Webinar: Big Tap: Scalable Security Monitoring for Data Centers

Big Tap: Scalable Security Monitoring for Data Centers

March 11, 2015

The exponential growth seen in data center size, bandwidth and traffic, as well as the demand for a higher portion of network traffic to be monitored have been testing the limits of the traditional monitoring/visibility designs. Traditional box-by-box approach based on proprietary Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) has proven to be cost prohibitive and operationally complex for organization wide monitoring.

In this webinar, Big Switch product teams showcase Big Tap’s Pervasive Security Monitoring capability - powered by it scale-out architecture, simplified operations and bare metal switch (whitebox or britebox) economics. The team discussed real customer deployments to compare and contrast Big Tap Monitoring design with traditional NPB solutions.  Watch the webinar recording to see why Big Tap is rapidly becoming an attractive replacement for your expensive NPBs.

Praful Bhaidasna
Product Management
Big Switch Networks
Mostafa Mansour
Technical Marketing
Big Switch Networks
Sunit Chauhan
Big Switch Networks