BigSecure Architecture™ and Cloud-native Monitoring for Next-Gen DC Security & Visibility

December 14, 2016

Watch the recorded webinar to learn more about BigSecure Architecture™ and Cloud-native Monitoring for Next-Gen DC Security & Visibility; the new Big Switch DMZ security architecture, BigSecure(TM), and preview our cloud and container monitoring capabilities, as well as new advanced analytics. The volume, cadence, and sophistication of cyber-attacks are rapidly increasing on large internet-based organizations including cloud providers, service providers, and software-as-a-service (SAAS) providers. To defend organizations from such massive and sophisticated cyber-attacks, a next-generation cyber-defense solution requires new software-centric capabilities. Big Switch Networks is the only vendor to deliver an SDN-advantaged security delivery architecture that enables scale-out tool chaining and elastic mitigation for high-bandwidth attacks. By leveraging the BigSecure Architecture, customers can deploy a dynamic cyber-defense solution that provides Terabit attack mitigation capability at an affordable price while continuing to leverage best-of-breed DDoS attack detection tools.

John Fruehe, Senior Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, discusses the mandate for network security in scale-out data centers where thousands of both physical and logical nodes can expose enterprises to added risk as they transform to support the next-generation of software-driven applications and services.

Doug Murray, Big Switch CEO, and Prashant Gandhi, Chief Product Officer, discuss the new requirements necessary for data center network monitoring to better recognize and mitigate cyber threats and attacks and demonstrated the powerful capabilities delivered in the latest release of Big Monitoring Fabric.

Discussion topics included:

  • WHAT are the major issues driving the shift to next-generation data center networks?   
  • WHAT’S NEW in Big Monitoring Fabric?
  • WHAT’S THE NEW MANDATE to protect enterprise networks from continual security attacks?    
  • INTRODUCTION OF new use cases that are rapidly becoming the standard for agile and intelligent networks.
Douglas Murray
President and CEO
Big Switch Networks
Prashant Gandhi
Chief Product Officer
Big Switch Networks
John Fruehe
Senior Analyst
Moor Insights & Strategy
Gregg Holzrichter
Chief Marketing Officer
Big Switch Networks