Containers in Production: Real-world Solutions for Networking, Security, and Storage

February 28, 2018

IT organizations are leveraging containers to accelerate cloud-native application delivery, improve development agility, and increase operational efficiency. With this highly-distributed and dynamic application environment, infrastructure components such as networking, storage, and security need to be dynamically managed to operate at the speed of containers. By leveraging software-defined technologies and industry-standard interfaces to support orchestration systems such as Kubernetes, Big Switch’s SDN Fabric, Portworx cloud-native storage and Aqua’s security platform overcome these challenges to offer a production-grade solution to deploy and manage containers at scale.

 Watch this recorded webinar to learn why large customers have selected these solutions as the optimal architecture for their container-driven digital transformation. In this webinar, we cover: 

  • Big Question #1:  How does Big Switch’s Big Cloud Fabric leverage SDN and Container Network Interface (CNI) plugin to simplify network operations and to enhance container visibility?
  • Big Question #2:  How can teams get the benefits of Kubernetes storage primitives for dynamic storage provisioning without sacrificing enterprise storage fundamentals such as performance & class of service, HA, backups, snapshots, automated upgrades, and security.
  • Big Question #3:   How can you automate security controls for container deployments, addressing risk and compliance needs, while improving application security well beyond that of traditional applications?
Gou Rao
Chief Technology Officer
Rani Osnat
Vice President, Product Marketing
Aqua Security
Bala Ramachandran
Director, Product Management
Big Switch Networks
Kate Lehman
Head of Communications
Big Switch Networks