Discover How Intuit Leverages Next-Generation Performance Monitoring With Riverbed and Big Switch Networks

July 21, 2015

In this recorded webinar, discover how Intuit uses Riverbed SteelCentral & Big Switch Big Tap Monitoring Fabric together to enable pervasive application-aware network monitoring while achieving massive operational simplicity and dramatic cost reduction. 

Specific topics discussed include:

  • HOW:  Design considerations for monitoring DC traffic for delivering optimal network and application performance
  • WHAT: Riverbed SteelCentral’s comprehensive capabilities to enable smarter troubleshooting and rapid rectification of network problems
  • HOW: Big Tap Monitoring Fabric, a next-gen NPB, offers dramatic operational simplification and TCO reduction compared to legacy NPBs
  • WHY: Solution flexibility and operational simplification for pervasive application and network monitoring
Ted Turner
Network Engineer
Nic Koutsoukos
Senior Director, Marketing
Prashant Gandhi
Vice President, Product Management and Strategy
Big Switch Networks