Dubai Municipality Drives Modernized its Data Centers with Big Cloud Fabric

March 15, 2017

Watch this recorded case study webinar and discover why the Dubai Municipality chose Big Cloud Fabric from Big Switch to modernize its data center network. Join this webinar to hear their IT Infrastructure Project Manager, Ahmad Al Emadi share the vision, strategy & deployment details of this large-scale DC modernization project.

In this webinar, you learn more about how this customer…

  • Increased network performance, speed, and bandwidth, including 42X increase of switching speed and a 16x increase in backbone capacity. 

  • Reduced infrastructure size and enhanced performance resulting from core-and-pod approach.
  • Combined three physical datacenters to a single logical cloud, reducing migration costs by 90%.

Dubai Municipality is the first data in the MENA region to completely outfitted and operational via SDN Technology.  Implementing next-generation data center networking solutions from Big Switch, Dubai Municipality is on a journey to become a world reference for developing Dubai as a pioneer SMART and sustainable city.   Leveraging advanced technologies in its data centers is a critical component required to realize its vision.  They are also the first data center in the MENA region to be fully integrated and orchestrated with VMware and future-proofed, outfitted, and operational via SDN Technology. The organization modernized its datacenter approach when it became apparent that scaling with traditional tools would quickly become uneconomical. The municipality wanted to eliminate core switch renewals, reduce migration costs, and increase performance.  The Dubai Municipality could drive CapEx savings and operational simplicity with their choice of Big Switch Networks. 

Ahmad Mohamed Darwish Ali Alemadi
IT Infrastructure Projects and Datacenter Manager
Dubai Municipality
Syed Ghayur
Director - World Wide System Engineering
Big Switch Networks
Judy Ash
Head of Corporate Marketing
Big Switch Networks