Enabling Science DMZ deployments with Big Monitoring Fabric

December 02, 2015

Big Monitoring Fabric allows enterprises and universities to easily deploy and manage highly resilient, security networks for their DMZ / extranet environments at bare-metal economics. 

Watch this recorded webinar and find out how Big Monitoring Fabric Inline enables Science DMZ deployments for universities, using SDN and production grade, open vendor 40G / 100G switches.  Also, learn about the limited, time-sensitive promotions primarily targeted for schools, colleges and universities.  

Webinar attendees can leverage a limited-time promotion, specially designed for schools, colleges and universities.  Email us at info@bigswitch.com for details. 

Discussion topics included:

•WHAT are the key considerations when deploying a Science DMZ network?

•HOW does the Big Mon Inline solution help optimize inline tool deployment for Science DMZ networks? 

•HOW to leverage Big Mon’s SDN programmability for fast-pathing policy enforcement for your Science DMZ?

•WHAT are the benefits of a unified, single point of management for your Inline as well as out-of-band tools?

Praful Bhaidasna
Product Marketing
Big Switch Networks
Mostafa Mansour
Technical Marketing
Big Switch Networks
Sharyn Fitzpatrick
Big Switch Networks