ExtraHop + Big Switch: Pervasive Application Performance and Security Monitoring

May 17, 2017

With ever-increasing complexity of managing distributed applications, IT Operations and security teams need visibility more than ever. Ubiquitous monitoring of volumetric east-west application traffic becomes necessary at the lowest possible costs. ExtraHop and Big Switch have partnered to deliver a scale-out, cost-effective solution for deep application visibility and security. The joint solution consisting of ExtraHop’s stream analytics platform with Big Switch’s SDN-based Big Monitoring Fabric offers real-time insight into performance and security issues, both on-premise and public cloud environments. 

In this recorded webinar, the panel discussed the following:  

  • Big Question #1:  What do security and IT operation teams need for efficient network and application performance management?
  • Big Question #2:  How do customers leverage the joint solution for proactive application optimization and tuning?
  • Big Question #3: How do IT teams ensure consistent application visibility across on-premise and cloud environments?
  • BIG Demo: ExtraHop Platform with Big Monitoring Fabric solution. 
Tyson Supasatit
Product Marketing Manager
ExtraHop Networks
Colin Walker
Technical Marketing Engineer
ExtraHop Networks
Bala Ramachandran
Director, Product Management
Big Switch Networks
Ted Elhourani
Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer
Big Switch Networks
Angelique Medina
Sr. Product Manager
Big Switch Networks