Facebook, Google, Big Switch Demonstration of Next-gen NOS-based on Open Network Linux

March 28, 2018

At the OCP Summit 2018, Facebook, Google, and Big Switch demonstrated three next-gen NOS stacks that can perform L3 networking (routing) with modular, interchangeable software and hardware components. All three networking stacks leverage ONL as the foundational platform OS.

 ONL -- an OCP networking project -- is an open source Linux distribution, built for open networking switches (white-box/brite-box) from multiple vendors. It has a unique, modular architecture for pluggable 'forwarding agent' and ‘device management’ software.  ONL acts as a foundational component for building Network Operating System (NOS) on top of open networking switches.  ONL has a broad ecosystem of open networking vendors and is deployed by hundreds of enterprises in production data centers (through Big Switch’s SDN fabric solutions).

 This recorded webinar answers:

  • Big Question #1:   What is the next-gen NOS architecture?
  • Big Question #2:  How does ONL-based NOS accelerate networking innovations?
  • Big Question #3:   Why does ONL rapidly expand open networking hardware ecosystem?
  • Demo: Facebook, Google, Big Switch demonstration of Next-Gen NOS based on Open Network Linux
Kyle Forster
Big Switch Networks
Prashant Gandhi
Chief Product Officer
Big Switch Networks
Gregg Holzrichter
Chief Marketing Officer
Big Switch Networks