How the University of Oklahoma Improved Network Security and Achieved Greater Visibility at Nearly 50% CAPEX Savings

May 24, 2018

Learn how The University of Oklahoma leverages Big Mon Fabric (Out of Band) to achieve unprecedented visibility and security as well as Big Mon Analytics Node and Recorder Node to address the following challenges: unauthorized application and device sprawl, capacity planning, and threat mitigation.

The University of Oklahoma deployed Big Monitoring Fabric nearly two years ago, replacing an incumbent legacy NPB solution with Big Mon, due to its ease-of-use, to drive innovation and create internal and operational efficiencies, and the versatility of the product appealed to its innovative IT team.

Big Mon is deployed across multiple buildings on The University of Oklahoma campus, pulling traffic from each TAP, and funneling it to a variety of tools, most of which are network security tools. The University deployed Big Mon in an effort to achieve deeper visibility of its Campus flows into its Data Center environment and to better understand the traffic patterns of its students and faculty.

Since deploying Big Mon, The University has achieved twice the visibility at nearly 50% CAPEX savings and has benefitted from improved management workflows, including centralized configuration, orchestration troubleshooting, scale-out security, and monitoring.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • Big Question #1:  How Big Mon enables The University to react quickly to offending hosts and various types of security threats
  • Big Question #2:  How Big Mon’s analytics capabilities both complement and work in conjunction with other tools in The University’s environment
  • Big Question #3:  How Big Mon Recorder Node provides The University w/ an efficient, scale-out next-gen defense against Phishing attacks
Aaron Baillio
Managing Director, Security Operations and Architecture
University of Oklahoma
Faisal Khan
Technical Solutions Engineer
Big Switch Networks
Sharyn Fitzpatrick
Big Switch Networks