Multi-Container Network Automation and Visibility with SDN Fabrics

November 16, 2016

Containers are a new atomic unit of computing that is ideal for emerging cloud-native, distributed applications.  Data center operators are evaluating various container technologies, including Docker, Kubernetes, Mesosphere, and Red Hat OpenShift.  However, for enterprise-class container deployments, networking needs to be simple, automated, easy to manage and operate at the speed of containers – a feat that traditional box-by-box networking is unable to deliver.  With containers having a shorter lifecycle and higher density than VMs, visibility, and troubleshooting for container-to-container connectivity become very critical.

Can SDN technology address these container networking challenges? Watch the recorded webinar to find out how Big Cloud Fabric is an ideal SDN solution for multi-Container network automation, and visibility. 

In this webinar, we discussed:

  • Big Question #1: How can SDN fabrics simplify and automate container networking?
  • Big Question #2: Can multi-container networking with Docker, Mesosphere, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift be deployed and automated simultaneously?
  • Big Point #3: How can fabric telemetry be provided in a multi-container environment?
  • Demo: Multi-container networking automation and visibility with Big Cloud Fabric


Prashant Gandhi
Vice President, Product Management
Big Switch Networks
Ganapathi Bhat
Principal Technical Marketing Engineer
Big Switch Networks
Sarath Kumar
Technical Team
Big Switch Networks
Judy Ash
Head of Corporate Marketing
Big Switch Networks