Palo Alto Networks and Big Switch Networks: Securing Applications and Data within Next-Gen Data Center Networks

October 12, 2016

Modern application workloads are agile and dynamic with VMs spun up/down and moved around on-demand. Securing these applications involves going beyond perimeter security and protecting the increasing amount of VM-to-VM (east-west) traffic within the data center. The combination of Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) and Big Switch Networks’ Next-Generation switching fabric, Big Cloud Fabric (BCF), ensures that as your application infrastructure is scaled or modified, security is deployed in lockstep. The solution, which is deployed over an automated, scalable, and open network fabric, secures both the perimeter and intra-DC traffic and can be deployed to benefit enterprise IT Operations as well as telco cloud environments.

In this webinar, we discussed:

  • Big Question #1: How does Palo Alto Networks’ NG firewall enable policy-based visibility and protection for applications?
  • Big Question #2:  How do we simplify deployment of security for OpenStack clouds through a dynamic insertion of  the firewall with BCF?
  • Big Question #3:  What are key operational benefits offered by BCF deployment with Palo Alto Firewall for VMware environment?
  • Demo: Secure Data Center application deployment with BCF and Palo Alto Networks firewall
Sai Balabhadrapatruni
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Palo Alto Networks
Ganapathi Bhat
Principal Technical Marketing Engineer
Big Switch Networks
Arkadiy Shapiro
Principal Technical Marketing Engineer
Big Switch Networks
Bala Ramachandran
Director, Product Management
Big Switch Networks