Riverbed and Big Switch: AWS VPC Performance Monitoring and Visibility

February 27, 2019
Enterprises are increasingly adopting a hybrid cloud approach to host business-critical applications across both on-prem and public cloud to drive elasticity, cost optimization, and agility. However, unlike on-prem environments, public cloud deployments lack rich visibility and granular performance monitoring necessary for security- and compliance-sensitive workloads. Riverbed and Big Switch are partnering to extend their on-prem solution to AWS to enable consistent monitoring capabilities in hybrid cloud. The Big Mon + SteelCentral AppResponse Cloud joint solution for AWS brings packet and flow-level visibility, and comprehensive application performance monitoring to the organization’s workloads deployed across multiple AWS VPCs. 
In this webinar, we will cover:
Big Question #1:  How does SteelCentral AppResponse Cloud provide deep packet inspection AWS workloads?
Big Question #2: How does Big Mon for AWS enable elastic, multi-VPC traffic monitoring of AWS workloads?
Big Question #3:  How does the solution provide intuitive policy definition and advanced packet optimization in AWS? 
Demo: Big Mon + SteelCentral AppResponse Cloud joint solution
Alfred Jones
Director, Product Management
Riverbed Technologies
Bala Ramachandran
Senior Director, Product Management
Big Switch Networks
Joe McCarthy
Tech Evangelist
Riverbed Technologies
Jagdish Aulakh
Technical Marketing Engineer
Big Switch Networks
Sharyn Fitzpatrick
Big Switch Networks