[SDX Central] Leveraging Next-Gen Networking to Unlock the Power of HCI

February 15, 2018

Storage teams are increasingly being tasked to provide responsive, on-demand private cloud offerings, which require rapid provisioning and deployment of both compute and storage resources to achieve application and IT agility.

Today, HCI deployments largely ignore the network, rather placing innovation efforts on compute and storage components, assuming the network is just a set of “fat, dumb pipes.”According to Gartner Research, “by 2018, more than 10% of hyperconverged integrated systems (HCIS) deployments will suffer from avoidable network-induced performance problems.” 

As deployment clusters scale-out, the performance and complexity of legacy networking architectures become increasingly problematic. If network design is not factored into planning, it can result in unexpected networking costs, performance bottlenecks and added complexity that can imperil HCI deployments.

To truly achieve the promise of HCI environments, an innovative network solution like Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) is required. Big Cloud Fabric is a responsive and programmable SDN-based data center network switching fabric, which supports a robust ecosystem of the leading hyperconverged (HCI) solutions, including Nutanix, VMware vSAN, Dell EMC ScaleIO, Red Hat Ceph and HPE Simplivity.

The network simplicity and automation introduced via Big Cloud Fabricis ideal for HCI environments, making it the “networking ".
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Gregg Holzrichter
Chief Marketing Officer
Big Switch Networks
Prashant Gandhi
Chief Product Officer
Big Switch Networks
Roy Chau
Co-founder and Partner
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