[SDX Central Webinar] 2017 Next-Gen Data Center Report: Next-Generation Networking Drivers and Customer Use Cases

February 22, 2017

Next-generation networking represents a technology paradigm shift to meet the demands of businesses to operate at the speed of virtualization and containers, while drastically reducing total cost.


Businesses are investing in software-defined data centers (SDDC) to rapidly deploy cloud-native applications, have easy-button infrastructure management and attain greater cost efficiencies. The complexity, cost and visibility gap of legacy, box-by-box networking is a major barrier to adoption of SDDC.


Next-generation networking brings hyperscale-inspired innovation to organizations and mainstream data centers. Principles of SDN control software, open networking switch hardware, and leaf/spine fabric design are leveraged together to construct an intelligent, agile and flexible network system. By focusing on logical and scale-out design, a next-generation network can deliver tremendous operational simplicity and dramatic cost savings, while enabling the network to scale on demand.

Streamlined change management intent-based workflows become critical such as to add a leaf or spine switch, remove servers, create VMs or containers, or audit application connectivity. API-driven interactions become necessary to automate network provisioning, as well as visibility to a diverse set of VM and container orchestration environments. Further, ability to rapidly root cause during connectivity issues demands deep telemetry and historical events. A next-generation network design factors in these modern requirements and allows heterogeneous workloads across multiple orchestrators to programmatically interact while ensuring security and isolation.

In this recorded webinar, Big Switch Networks explores the drivers and trends in the adoption of next-generation data center networking, along with case studies of real-world deployments in both Enterprises and Service Providers.

Prashant Gandhi
Chief Product Officer
Big Switch Networks
Roy Chua
SDX Central