[SDX Webinar] Work Smarter, Not Harder: How to Use a Next-Gen NPB for greater ROI from your APM/NPM Tools

January 17, 2018

In the 2017 Next-gen Software-defined (SDx) Infrastructure Assurance Report, 45% of SDx end-user respondents indicated “Faster Root Cause Analysis” was the most compelling reason to deploy an APM/NPM solution. Full visibility of network traffic is critical to managing application performance and diagnosing the root causes of performance issues. Network owners can now see and secure every network, VM, container, and cloud—and manage, automate, and analyze it all from a single pane interface.

In this recorded webinar, you’ll learn how Big Monitoring Fabric (Big Mon):

  1. Optimizes NPM/APM tools, by sending only traffic of interest to each tool
  2. How Big Mon integrates with leading NPM/APM tools, including ExtraHop, InMon, Intel, and Riverbed Why and how to integrate an SDN-based NPB solution into your NPM/APM strategy

Traditional network packet brokers (NPBs), which operate box-by-box, introduce visibility silos that prevent network owners from gaining a pervasive view of the network, where any tool can receive any flow from anywhere in the data center. Unlike legacy NPBs, Big Mon acts as a single logical NPB — built with industry-standard open hardware from Dell EMC, HPE Altoline or Edgecore and x86-based DPDK Service Nodes, managed from a high-availability SDN-based controller. Every tool has continuous or on-demand visibility into all traffic, across every rack, every location, and every workload.

Big Monitoring Fabric from Big Switch Networks enables pervasive visibility and security of network workloads, selectively delivering them to NPM/APM tools—both inline and out-of-band, which enables tools to scale and perform more efficiently. 

Gregg Holzrichter
Chief Marketing Officer
Big Switch Networks
Salman Zahid
Director of Engineering
Big Switch Networks
Ray Chau
SDx Central