Webinar - Symantec and Big Switch - Simplified Security Orchestration in the Data Center

Symantec and Big Switch: Simplified Security Orchestration in the Data Center

September 21, 2016

Modern-day security architecture demands dynamic deployment and management of multiple security tool chains in the DMZ while providing full visibility to SSL traffic.  Symantec with its new acquisition, Blue Coat have collaborated with Big Switch to market an innovative network security solution combining superior SSL traffic protection and policy-based service insertion/chaining with SDN controller software. This Encrypted Threat Management (ETM)-Ready solution has been successfully deployed in production across multiple enterprise data centers.

In this recorded webinar, you will learn about:

  • #1: How does Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance (SSLVA) help combat security threats hidden in SSL traffic?
  • #2:  Learn how a Fortune 50 company has benefited with their production deployment of Big Monitoring Fabric (Big Mon) inline solution.
  • #3:  How does the joint solution simplify data center security orchestration?
  • Demo: DMZ security solution with Big Mon Inline and Blue Coat SSLVA
Greg Mayfield
Director, Product Marketing
Blue Coat (now part of Symantec)
Bala Ramachandran
Director, Product Management
Big Switch Networks
Arkadiy Shapiro
Principal Technical Marketing Engineer
Big Switch Networks
Judy Ash
Head of Corporate Marketing
Big Switch Networks