Wednesday, February 18, 2015 - 10:00am

The webinar covered how Telchemy SQprobe Media Analytics works with Big Tap Monitoring Fabric to provide optimal user experience for multimedia applications. Topics discussed included the following:

  • How does the Big Tap Monitoring Fabric enable simple, scalable and economical monitoring?
  • What are the key challenges in monitoring real time video and voice service performance?
  • How does the Telchemy SQprobe offer a unique quality of experience (QoE) by monitoring IP-based multimedia streams?
  • How does the powerful combination of SQprobe with Big Tap leverage advanced analytics with SDN to provide service monitoring at an unprecedented level?
  • Joint Solution Demo: Telchemy SQprobe Media Analytics + Big Tap Monitoring Fabric
Alan Clark
Shane Holthaus
Systems Engineering
Bala Ramachandran
Product Management
Big Switch Networks
Mostafa Mansour
Technical Marketing
Big Switch Networks
Sunit Chauhan
Big Switch Networks