The Promise of the Software Defined Data Center: Abstraction, Hyper-convergence, and Dramatically Increased Business Agility

April 06, 2016

More than a single vendor's buzzword filled vision; the Software Defined Data Center is the culmination of several significant trends that have disrupted the IT industry status quo, delivering order-of-magnitude improvements in data center efficiency, flexibility, and business agility. 

Compute, Storage, and Networking have all undergone significant industry and architectural transformation with the advent of virtualization. Each underlying physical hardware stack that comprises the traditional datacenter has experienced dramatic disruption and subsequent standardization, followed by commoditization. The rise of differentiated software has allowed abstraction, consolidation, and optimization of the underlying hardware, fundamentally transforming the operational models and capital expenditure of compute, storage, and networking. 

With the mainstream adoption of software defined compute (server virtualization), software defined storage (both hyper-converged form factors and software-only abstraction layers), and software defined networking (with network virtualization overlays and fabric based SDN underlays), the stage has been set for a new chapter in datacenter orchestration, automation, and policy-based provisioning.

Watch this webinar and read the report to learn how modern, scale-out architectures, software abstraction, and intelligent orchestration are bringing the vision of the Software Defined Data Center to life, delivering on the promise of agile IT, with modern data centers delivering business agility at the pace of modern business.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Compute was fundamentally transformed by the adoption of x86 architecture and server virtualization software. Both storage and networking are experiencing dramatic disruptions and transformation with the emergence of mature software abstraction layers.
  • Storage is enjoying a period of intense innovation and competition with the advent of hybrid storage, all flash arrays and hyper-converged architectures. Learn about these competing approaches and the impact each is having on data centers.
  • Networking has been the datacenter laggard compared to compute and storage. Learn how new approaches to SDN are being adopted by mainstream enterprises, service providers, and governments in production, delivering agility and operational simplicity to the traditionally most conservative and fragile silo in the datacenter.


Rob Sherwood
Chief Technology Officer
Big Switch Networks
Roy Chau
SDX Central