The State of Open Source Networking - OpenStack, Open Compute, and ONUG: OMG!

May 04, 2016

The open networking movement continues to evolve and mature, with solutions now getting deployed in production, at scale. Open Source initiatives have been gathering momentum and customer adoption. From the Open Compute Project (OCP) to the OpenStack Summit held in Austin the final week of April, Rob Sherwood, Big Switch CTO, saw firsthand the innovation and customer adoption on display.  As an active member of the OpenStack community and Gold member of the OCP, Rob shares his perspectives and impressions from both the OCP Summit and the OpenStack Summit including:

  • The State of Open Networking –  Perspectives on Open Network Linux with OCP, Open Daylight Foundation, HP Open Switch, and Open Stack
  • Momentum & Adoption – Most popular use cases, industry vertical adoption, insertion points
  • Open Source – What’s Next?
Rob Sherwood
Chief Technology Officer
Big Switch Networks
Sharyn Fitzpatrick
Big Switch Networks