VMware Data Centers with Dell Open Networking & Big Cloud Fabric

September 16, 2015

Open Networking is changing networking just as surely as the PC changed computing. To further ease adoption of software defined data center (SDDC) networking technologies, Big Switch Networks has partnered with Dell and VMware, allowing data center administrators unprecedented network automation capabilities.

Watch and listen to executives from Dell and Big Switch as they discuss Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) – the networking industry’s only open SDN fabric designed to transform complex, expensive and proprietary box-by-box networking.  Learn how organizations deploying VMware server (vSphere) or network virtualization (NSX) solutions can now simplify operational workflows of the underlying physical network while reducing overall TCO. 

Topics covered include: 

  • Dell Open Networking - Dell is disaggregating the networking stack and enabling choice for VMware Data Centers.
  • BCF + VMware vSphere - BCF seamlessly integrates with VMware vCenter to automate application deployment on the physical SDN fabric.
  • BCF + VMware NSX - BCF provides the best SDN underlay for VMware NSX-v deployments providing enhanced physical network visibility to network administrators.
  • BCF + VMware VIO: BCF automates the underlying physical network for VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) and enhances network visibility and troubleshooting.
Amit Sanyal
Sr. Director PLM
Dell Networking
Sunit Chauhan
Head of Product Marketing
Big Switch Networks