[Webinar] Cloud-First Networking For the Hybrid Cloud Era

September 18, 2018
IT Organizations continue to face challenges due to silo'ed approach to hybrid cloud. Current on-prem data centers have completely different style of networking and governance processes compared to networking in public cloud. With silo'ed teams managing these disparate environments, there are greater complexity and constraints in application deployment, higher costs, and longer deployment cycles. 
Big Switch Networks has pioneered a Cloud-First approach which completely re-imagines hybrid cloud networking to enable consistency and control across on-prem and any public cloud (AWS, Azure or GCP). It brings public cloud’s virtual private cloud (VPC) based logical networking construct for on-prem networking (enterprise cloud networking) to deliver network automation and visibility for enterprise workloads. In addition, by extending control, governance, and visibility to public cloud VPCs, IT organizations can finally bring their hybrid cloud vision into reality. 
In this webinar we discuss:
  1. How Big Cloud Fabric implements VPC construct for network automation and visibility in on-prem (enterprise) cloud.
  2. How Big Monitoring Fabric achieves end-to-end visibility and security for applications deployed both on-prem and in public cloud VPCs.
  3. How Multi-Cloud Director enables unified hybrid cloud management across on-prem and multiple public clouds.
Prashant Gandhi
Chief Product Officer
Big Switch Networks
Bala Ramachandran
Director, Product Management
Big Switch Networks