[Webinar] To Cloud Affinity and Beyond…Delivering On-prem Network Agility Just like AWS

October 02, 2019
Did you know that you can build your on-prem network with the same techniques mastered by public cloud operators?  Your enterprise can design, build, and operate the data center of tomorrow, today.
In this webinar, we discuss why just building the same old data center isn’t enough anymore. It’s time to bring the VPC experience on-prem. That’s exactly what we do at Big Switch Networks with Cloud-First Networking.  Discover how our cloud-first networking solutions uncomplicate on-prem data center networking for a true hybrid cloud experience. Extending the speed, agility, reliability, and experience of the cloud providers to your on-prem networks.  
Watch to learn how to give your company a true hybrid cloud experience because your on-prem networks can be part of the cloud too.
Patrick Kane
Regional Sales Manager
Big Switch Networks
Dwayne Wenger
Senior Systems Engineer
Big Switch Networks